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"I initially saw Tai Chi simply as a way to build an added form of exercise into my daily routine. However, Sifu Fred presented a learning experience that far surpassed my initial perception of what I thought would be primarily rote memorization. By interweaving the fascinating history and beauty of the Tai Chi ruler form, Sifu Fred brought the class to life. It made learning easier and certainly fun! And it has become an added benefit to my daily routine."

Julie T.

"Sifu Fred’s professionalism and years of teaching become increasingly apparent with each encounter. He approaches every lesson with zest, humor, and a dedication to student progress. For those of us who might struggle in acquiring new skills, Fred is patient and caring. Student success and enjoyment are his ultimate goals. He motivates us to invest the time and energy necessary for continued progress which then has us looking forward to our next lessons."

Jim S.

"I have known Sifu Fred for a good 25 years, 15 of those years as his student. His background of personal Tai Chi study coupled with his knowledge of Chinese medicine makes him a very thorough, skilled teacher, offering his students a true wealth of knowledge."

Tom M.

"Thirteen years ago I signed up for a Tai Chi class taught by Sifu Fred Jennes. I completed the beginner’s class, took 2 more of the same and then took every one offered after that time. The classes had a lot of different things to offer as Sifu had extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine, being practiced in acupuncture, herbal remedies, to exercises in Qi Gong, sword form and his own ruler form. With Sifu’s ongoing guidance and company of others of the same interests, I have joined the quest to age more pleasantly and practice the knowledge I have accumulated."

Anne M.

"I have been training with Sifu Fred for over a decade. Some of the things I have learned along with the Tai Chi form is physical and mental balance and strength. When I practice the forms I enjoy the focus and movement needed to do them correctly."

Margaret S.

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Frequestly Asked Questions

Who is Sifu Fred?

Sifu Fred Jennes has studied t’ai chi ch’uan and qigong for 40 years, and has taught these Chinese exercises for more than three decades. He is a licensed, National Board-certified acupuncturist and herbalist, and has published many books and papers about Oriental medicine. His goal has always been to share his extensive knowledge about Chinese culture and wellness with his students, and provide them with avenues for improving their health and living a happier life.

How Do I Find Out About Classes and Workshops?

By joining the Chen Tuan Society you will get advanced notification of all of Sifu Fred’s courses. Many of these classes and workshops have enrollment limits, but priority is given to Society members. By enrolling in the Society you will not only guarantee that you have a place in an upcoming class, but for many of the workshops your membership will earn you a discounted tuition or lodging price.

How Long Does A Membership Last?

When you enroll in the Chen Tuan Society, you will get your first month’s membership for free! When your 30-day trial period is up, you can either continue your membership and be charged monthly, or you can elect to sign up for a year and pay a single, discounted price. If you are monthly subscriber, you may cancel your membership at any time, yearly subscribers can elect to not continue their memberships at its expiration date.

How Much Does A Membership Cost?

Membership is free while enrolled in select courses. A monthly membership costs just $10 per month. A yearly subscription costs $108, a savings of 10%!

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