Ruler Tai Chi

Class Selection

If you are new to Ruler Tai Chi, finding the right class to suit your needs might seem puzzling at first. Here are some suggestions to help you make your choice.

December 4, 2022

Which Class Is Best For Me?

You may have questions about what course or workshop you should take.   Here are some suggestions that will help you select the class best-suited for your needs:

  • If you are new to T’ai Chi Ch’uan, I recommend that you take the Beginning T’ai Chi course.  This is a 16-week course offered through the Greeley Parks and Recreation Department that will teach you the basics of this ancient martial artform.  No prior skill is necessary!  Come prepared to relax and enjoy the course, as well as make new friends with other beginners.  
  • If you would like to learn the T’ai Chi Ruler, a unique martial art exercise from early China, take the Ruler T’ai Chi class. This is a 12-week class offered through the Greeley Parks and Recreation Department that will provide all you need to learn the basic ruler exercises, as well the more extensive ruler boxing form.  You will need to purchase a ruler for this class—see the course description on the Courses pages of this website for more information.  
  • If you want a short course that will improve your overall health, sign up for the Traditional Chinese Qigong class. This is a 4-week course, offered through the Greeley Parks and Recreation Department, that will teach you several simple exercises that you can do in a few minutes each day to enhance your well-being.
  • If you are already a martial artist, or just curious about Chinese weapon forms, enroll in the T’ai Chi Sword class.  This 8-week course is offered just once a year, and teaches you the grace and beauty of wielding the ancient t’ai chi broadsword or jian.  You will need to purchase a sword for this class—you may purchase a beautiful, handmade sword, which is ideal for the class from me in your first session, or purchase one on-line.

If you are still uncertain which class will be best for you, please fill out a form on the Contact page, and I will be happy to guide you in making a course selection.

Sifu Fred